In the late 1930s, Germany’s Adolf Hitler annexed Austria and summarily took and occupied the Sudetenland (a region of Czechoslovakia). At this time, Europe, England and the U.S. did nothing and this inaction eventually led to World War II. Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a modern-day Hitler, has taken and occupied Crimea and soon will control the eastern half of the Ukraine, if Europe, England and the U.S. don’t properly arm the pro-western government in Kiev with offensive weapon systems to combat the so-called rebels. The rebels have Russian tanks, rocket launching vehicles, et al, and, I believe, Russian soldiers in rebel garb to operate the weapons. Has the West forgotten history so soon with respect to doing ‘nothing’ against aggressors? Eventually, the West will have to confront Russia’s unlawful intrusion into the Ukraine Sovereign Republic — best we arm the pro-West Ukraine government immediately!

Ted C. McNeel Sr.

major, USMC, retired