I would like to give a loud shout-out to the Golden Band from Tigerland for their very inspiring show at the Jacksonville State game.

As a performing musician for much of my life, and someone who has attended over 50 years of LSU home games, I have always thought that the LSU band stands head and shoulders above others musically. They play different and more difficult songs than others, and they just play them better.

But, in addition to that, they showed their choreography chops in a way I have never seen. The opening "Amazing Grace" where the band morphed from their initial straight line entry into "LOUISIANA" and then very subtly into the outline of our state was unique and truly magnificent. I have seen a lot of great straight-line intricate marching from, say, the Texas Aggie Band, but this was something different. The way the curvy/linear lines ebbed and flowed into image after image was truly “amazing.” When going from "LOUISIANA" to the outline of our state, the band actually paused marching, and stood still as the music paused briefly; then they proceeded to the outline of the state.

It was like the whole band was dancing with the music. The whole show ("Heart BR" and "unBRoken LSU") was great. Bravo.

Bob Coleman


Baton Rouge