I, too, was in the downtown area for two separate events on the same day that a previous reader (“Reader angered by downtown traffic,” Oct. 18) has written about and was appalled at the traffic (Yes, they had police officers at a few intersections ... standing and visiting with their fellow officers). But I was more angered at the sad state of the Centroplex area (Sorry, it’ll always be the Centroplex to me; what’s with the name change?).

They had the entrance to the garage closest to the venues blocked off, (It wasn’t full.) and the walking egress from farthest garage to ground level blocked with construction. No accommodations for a detour — no where-to-go signage at all.

Finally, after wandering through the empty garage we ended up having to kick a ground-level door open because the hardware was off the door. The elevators were appalling — filthy, beat-up looking and cobwebby.

And the mayor wants to attract tourists? He can’t even keep what he’s got functional or attractive. I wish he would give up trying to buy his legacy (Remember how well Catfish Town went over?) and concentrate on running the things he’s got.

We don’t need an amusement park, a state-of-the-art library (How much use will that truly get?) or a silly looking stage roof. Maintain what you have, get some sensible traffic in and out of the area when you have downtown events (That means actually having the police direct traffic!) onto more than one route. Maybe once you get the area attractive for the locals they will bring or recommend the downtown area to their out-of-town guests.

With New Orleans only 60 miles away, Baton Rouge is never going to be a tourist destination; let’s make Baton Rouge nice for its residents and taxpayers.

K.C. Hutchison

plant worker