Letter: Grand Isle trip better the second time around _lowres

Photo provided by the Office of State Parks beach at Grand Isle

Last year, after a trip to Grand Isle, I wrote a letter of complaint about all the problems we experienced on our visit to the state park and stated I would never go there again.

The manager at the time responded with “facts” that were not true. Subsequently, I received a call from Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne apologizing for the response. Being a born and bred Louisiana girl, I knew I had to give them another chance. My husband and I and my father-in-law went Monday, Sept. 8, and came home Thursday, Sept. 11, and I am so glad we did!

Whatever changes were made, were a tremendous difference. All of the problems we experienced last year were fixed. The grass was cut, the garbage was picked up daily, potholes were filled and most importantly, the bathrooms were immaculate. They were clean, well-stocked, smelled fresh, and there was no water on the floors from stopped-up drains. I want to thank the Department of Tourism for bringing the park back to its natural beauty.

Carolyn Schexnayder

retired purchaser