Once again, extremists in the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry want to silence the voices of teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public servants who dare question the big-business agenda to privatize every area of our government.

The damage that they have done, along with Gov. Bobby Jindal, is hard to believe: a state budget in crisis, health care in shambles, colleges on the verge of collapse, Common Core standards and testing bringing chaos to our schools — the list seems endless.

Unions representing the voices of teachers, school employees and public servants have stood up to their radical schemes. Now, LABI wants to silence them by making it much more difficult for union members to pay their dues.

Remember that Louisiana is a right-to-work state. Members join unions freely and know full well how much they pay and how their dues are used.

On issue after issue, the unions have been right, and LABI and Jindal have been wrong. Lawmakers should reject any effort to prohibit union members from paying their dues through payroll deduction.

Ben Myers

emergency disaster management

Baton Rouge