Regarding the column on ‘Missouri underscoring need for HBCUs,’ I am confused by the contradictory statements made about African-Americans in predominantly white universities. Affirmative action, among countless other systems of aid, provide advantages to minorities. Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough argues that “attending a majority university is not a clear path to prosperity for black students.” The “majority” is clearly being blamed in this article for not assisting African-Americans enough, but how much more can the population do to make things easier? It seems as if minority students are actually the ones separating themselves the most. In fact, encouraging black students to attend HBCUs over majority schools is creating a much larger gap among the races than there is now. The issues at the University of Missouri are seemingly being blown out of proportion and creating more violence and harassment than resolution. If Kimbrough, however, is so angered by these issues, shouldn’t he be facing them head-on rather than coming up with alternatives to avoid them?

Massey Demmas

high school student

New Orleans