When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political bonds of oppression that separate them from their formerly free estate, an appeal unto the laws of nature and nature’s God will vindicate them in the sight of all. We hold these truths to be self evident, that humans have, from the beginning, been created male and female and this natural created order cannot be annulled by any act of man’s will. No one is “born gay.”

Certain factions of disorder have endeavored, by compulsion and coercion, to deprive the people of their God-given freedom of speech, conscience and of religion. These malefactors pose as benefactors of humanity but have arrogated to themselves authority belonging to God alone, to their sure and certain detriment. There is no part of their political correctness, so called, that is not morally, philosophically or spiritually incorrect.

These enemies of right order are properly known as “logophobes,” that is, fearful and irrational haters of upright morality and right reason, fearful haters of the traditional wisdom of all the ages, and of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and unreasoning adversaries of the “logos” himself, wisdom incarnate — that is, Jesus, who is the Christ.

Lust is deceitful above all things and swiftly becomes habitual and compulsive. The lies we tell ourselves are the worst since we always believe them and thus practice self-deceit. An affective disorder, such as homosexuality, arising from the psyche and the emotions but not the chromosomes, is not due the consideration of an unchangeable trait such as race or national origin.

Thousands of people each year leave behind the disordered behavior of homosexuality. There is even something called “The Ex-gay Encyclopedia,” found online, to certify that this condition is not immutable. This fact, which is ignored by the pandering press, who only trumpet which “celebrity” has made the trendiest possible fashion statement and career move by “coming out,” cannot be found on any outlet of the illiberal media. This undeniable fact will confirm the opinions of those who feel they are being lied to every day in every way by “news” providers.

The “gender fluidity” of same-sex marriage can never create a stable community, as has traditional marriage throughout the millennia. This explains why the wisdom of all the ages regards same-sex relations as social chaos and thus taboo. The term “marriage” implies the intertwining of disparate yet complementary elements, which is why Pope Benedict XVI could succinctly say, “Same-sex marriage is an ontological impossibility,” meaning the sexual polarity of genuine marriage is inviolable. Independence Day is always today for the brave ones who will just say, “no,” to politically correct logophobia.

Chris Griswold

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Baton Rouge