Letter: Cartoon reinforces ignorant views _lowres


Your recent editorial cartoon shows a ravenous Uncle Sam licking his chops and sizing up a couple of taxpayer “turkeys.” The unsubtle message: A greedy government is our enemy.

Is this apropos of something?

A glance at research shows the U.S. tax burden as more or less flat for the past 35 years (justfacts.com), and as a percent of the economy smaller than in ALL the countries of western Europe and in Japan (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_tax_ revenue_as_percentage_of_GDP), even though those countries don’t have our heavy military burdens.

So you reinforce widely held but ignorant views that fall to a nanosecond of critical thought.

A better strategy? Treat your readers like grown-ups.

The Constitution allows expression of unpopular ideas but it nowhere requires statement of counterfactual silliness. We’re trying to arrive at truth, remember?

David Porter

retired English professor

Baton Rouge