The American Dream I had is disappearing — the justice system, lawyers, politicians, and people in general.

First hint of disaster or accident, people ask, “God help me,” yet want to take prayer out of schools, etc. I thought nobody liked Him.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was guilty from day one. Yet it took two years and millions of taxpayers’ dollars to find him guilty. Then sentenced to death — now, more taxpayers’ dollars spent on lawyers, appeals and taking care of this slime for another 15 years on death row. Lost lives and seriously injured victims — who takes care of them and their medical costs, etc.?

Let me end by saying we train our police officers to do their jobs protecting us, then question them at every incident where thugs disagree. Money is spent on body cameras for police instead of hearing aids for the thugs. STOP means STOP; it doesn’t mean run or fight back.

Let’s take guns from police? Who would we call for help?

Albert Dresel