In his Feb. 16 letter to The Advocate, retired journalist William Sierichs Jr. engaged in mass character assassination by smearing an entire group of people as racists for the apparently unacceptable position of being conservative. He equates modern conservatives with the Confederacy, blames them for the internment of the Japanese in World War II. In doing so, he reveals the bankruptcy and ignorance of his twisted thinking, blaming conservatives for the actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that most “progressive” of Democratic presidents until the current occupant of the White House. Without offering a shred of evidence that would credibly support his vile allegations, he posits that if a man is conservative, he hates all minorities.

This may come as a surprise to Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, the Reverend C.L. Bryant, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and the many, many other black persons who self-identify as conservatives. I found the rantings of Sierichs to be some of the most ignorant and disgusting sentiments to ever be represented in the opinion pages of this fine newspaper. Sadly, it comes as no surprise that Sierichs was a journalist. Even in retirement, he continues to produce fact-bare propaganda that would shame all who are capable of shame, which he clearly is not. Can’t you just feel the tolerance oozing from his pen?

George Harris

petroleum landman