Why is there so much division and rancor between the political parties? Years ago, they were able to come together and reach compromises for the good of the country. Those days are likely gone forever.

The two parties now act like rival sports teams. Their members are team players, and they’ll do anything for the good of the team. Many of their registered party members are like rabid team fans. They blindly support the team, no matter what its players do or say.

This is evident from congressional hearings on matters of national concern on which both sides should agree. In the IRS hearings, the Republicans grill the leadership for their lack of cooperation, while the Democrats follow up with praise for the officials for doing a fine job.

And the team fans are just as bad. A recent letter to the editor called for the Benghazi hearings to end, claiming that Benghazi was a tragedy but not a scandal. Hillary Clinton’s congressional testimony went as described above: The Republicans chewed on her and the Democrats followed up with their praise.

While the hearing went on for hours, the truth was revealed about a statement she made during a ceremony for the four victims of the attack. Namely, that the attack was the result of a spontaneous uprising caused by an offensive video, telling a family member: “We’re going to get the guy who did the video.”

At the hearing, it was revealed that in an email on the night of the attack, Clinton told her daughter, Chelsea, that the attack was launched by “an al-Qaida-like group.” She was caught in a bald-faced lie but was still supported by the Democrats. In online comments to the letter cited above, Clinton supporters either denied she lied, or even worse, said it made no difference. The team players were for her, no matter what. Do or die for dear old Hillary.

So this is how the game of politics is played. Each party clings to the party line and their sycophants follow them blindly. To paraphrase an old line from the days when people had integrity: It matters not how the game is played, but who has won or lost.

William Bonin


New Iberia