I would like to comment on the lowering of the GPA so more children could play in sports. We have a educator from New York (Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White) who is paid several hundred thousand dollars to provide a program (Common Core) that is supposed to raise Louisiana children’s grade-point averages.

My thought is, why would we lower the GPA for sports if this program, which was received with “ooohs” and “ahhhs,” would be undercut by lowering the GPA to 1.5?

When sports and other extracurricular activities become more important than learning, truly we have failed our students. What does playing a few years of high school sports have to do with what will happen down the road and after high school if we expect less of our children, wherein will they reach those educational attainments that supposedly Common Core will give?

I have taught Scouts, Sunday school and mostly my own children, and I have always expected the best they can do, and though all are different, lowering scores says you’re not good enough, you can’t achieve by yourself.

I hope that the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board and all others that are thinking of lowering GPA for children so they can play in sports will ponder on doing away with Common Core because surely, we don’t need both of them.

Just a closing thought: If Common Core is the means to lift scores and make our children brighter, we should perhaps think about lifting the GPA for sports to at least 2.5 and probably 3.0 if this Common Core does all that it was hyped up to do. Seriously, think about this.


retired railroad conductor