Well, you have finally pushed me to respond to your Jindal-bashing stories. To wake up on a Sunday morning and see the headlines reporting how many times Gov. Bobby Jindal was out of state was disgusting. How dare he engage in his Republican politics?

Did any of you ever count how many days our president was not in Washington, D.C., during the last year while campaigning to and for Democrats. Maybe it would be easier to count how many days he was in Washington.

Oh, and did you ever total the cost to the taxpayers for all of his trips?. Just his golfing fling to Florida and his family’s fling to Colorado for skiing this past weekend far surpassed all of Gov. Jindal’s spending for probably all his years in office.

This country has so many problems that need fixing and need to be reported on, but this newspaper focuses inordinately on negative Jindal stories.

We have seen Barack Obama’s efforts to totally trash the Republican Party, and your newspaper falls right in line in trying to do the same thing. Whether you realize it or not, Gov. Jindal was elected twice in a state that votes predominantly Republican. Your efforts would better serve your readership if all major news stories were reported in an unbiased manner.

linda caillouet


Baton Rouge