The recent letter from Jean S. Smith demanding new gun laws deserves an answer. To start with, all the crimes mentioned in the letter were done by persons who do not obey laws. The only new laws the anti-gun crowd wants are the ones that will eliminate all private gun ownership in the U.S.

As for the NRA “pushing guns down our throats,” I’ve been a member for decades, and have never even once had a suggestion that I own a gun.

The letter uses Japan, with its strict laws, as a model for low crime. Why not use the country with the lowest crime rate in the world, Switzerland? Perhaps it’s because every household there that has a resident qualified for military service keeps a fully automatic assault rifle and ammunition in the home.

In the U.S., the two states with the most lenient gun laws, Vermont and New Hampshire, rank in the lowest three for crime.

I resent the insult that just because I am for retaining my Constitutional rights I am a “bubba.” Want to compare IQs, Jean?

She is correct about a gun being no defense against a predator drone. It is also no defense against phone tapping, nuclear bombs, false arrest, etc. What is her point?

Private gun ownership in the U.S. is responsible for saving millions of lives here, including some who would not exist if not for the reluctance of Japan, that peace-loving country mentioned earlier, to attack our mainland after Pearl Harbor. We had practically no armed forces then, but as the Japanese leadership remarked, it would have been folly for them to invade a country with so many privately owned guns. I will follow her advice to “Call your congressman; write a letter; do something!”

The call will be to request the protection of our Constitutional rights.

Doug Johnson

retired engineer

Denham Springs