I see where Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made the following quote to Politico: “The GOP needs to stop being the stupid party.” Asked for elaboration, Jindal explained that the party needs to appeal to more voters and stay away from bizarre, offensive comments that damage the brand.

This observation coming from a governor who ran all over the country saying, “President Obama is the most-incompetent president to occupy the White House since Jimmy Carter, and I mean no offense to Mr. Carter when I say that.”

This coming from a governor who found time to, while supposedly attempting to assist GOP candidate Mitt Romney get elected with his”bizarre, offensive” Barack Obama commentary, found plenty of time to ride along in a bus caravan in Iowa to try to convince Iowa voters to oust a sitting state judge who openly supports liberal positions such as gay marriage rights. That effort, incidentally, failed, and I see where numerous letters were supplied to The Advocate from Iowa residents chastising our governor for his role in the effort, which I feel certain entailed “bizarre, offensive” commentary on Gov. Jindal’s part.

Perhaps Romney isn’t the Republican who should be awarded the grand prize for reinventing himself on the fly in debates. Perhaps we’ve had the winner of that award in our own state of Louisiana (when Gov. Jindal chooses to visit us from time to time) and just never knew it! Wow! What a party the GOP has evolved into!

Robert Edwin Burns

real estate auctioneer

Baton Rouge