This is in regard to the report regarding the approval received for the removal of creationism and intelligent design from science courses and textbooks. I also applaud this action, but recommend that the theory of evolution be also removed from those science courses.

I believe that if our students’ performance in science is to be improved, they should only be exposed to solid scientific principles and experimentally proven theories. The theory of evolution has some holes in explaining, among other things, how the universe and life came into existence.

I believe the discussion of these theories belong in university courses on philosophy, religious studies and the like, not in science courses. Even then it has been reported that universities have let some professors go, and the Smithsonian let one of its scientists go, for writing articles supporting the idea of intelligent design. It amazes me that in the 21st century educators are behaving like the monks of the Spanish Inquisition in suppressing ideas that disagree with theirs.

Armando Corripio

professor emeritus

Baton Rouge