Replying to the opinion of Cliff Johnson relative to our Founding Fathers and slavery, it amazes me that people apply current standards of humanity to the standards in existence well over 200 years ago.

Slavery, no matter when it occurred, is absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, it has been in existence since the beginning of time in all races and nationalities, and it still exists today in parts of the world. Discussions of slavery of black people in America prior to the conclusion of the Civil War should be taught in our history books but only as that, history. It has not existed in America since President Abraham Lincoln freed all slaves, but it is the “politically expedient” thing today among those who want to keep racism stirred up, i.e.: liberals, academia, so-called black leaders, etc. It benefits them with votes and money.

As for the Founding Fathers allegedly not caring about slavery, that simply is not true. There were many who thought it to be terrible and fought to make it illegal and to give rights to black people.

Donnie Floyd

attorney Prairieville