I just finished reading the Democrat and The Advocate, and there were more letters to re-name the John James Audubon Bridge.

I cannot speak for Marine Gen. John Lejeune, but I would be willing to bet that if Marine Gen. Robert Barrow were still alive he would not want his name on the bridge.

Veterans should be honored while they are alive.

I am sure that if all these concerned citizens would try, just a little, they could find a young disabled veteran who is probably missing an arm or leg, or worse. He or she is probably married with small children.

Such veterans are trying to cope and make the best of their situations. All they want is a simple thank-you.

In case you are wondering, I am a 70-year-old disabled veteran who served in Vietnam.

Those of you who are old enough, remember the kind of welcome we received upon our return. We were met with mobs, protesters who shouted insults and even spat on us.

James O. Desselle

retired military

St. Francisville