Anarchy is the noun describing the state of the nation without law enforcement. Everyone seems to be throwing out the word “justice,” but where is the accountability? As a resident of Baton Rouge I am disgusted at what’s transpiring. The media’s coverage of the protests against law enforcement is feeding into the nationwide civil unrest. I am biracial, black and white, my boyfriend is a law enforcement officer, and several of my family members have been in high-ranking corrections positions in the state of Louisiana. I’m ashamed to be a resident of Baton Rouge and an American.

As Dallas Police Chief Brown said on CNN, the media depicts a story that is not all-inclusive and additionally holding interviews with contributors debating issues still in the infancy stages of the investigative process. Do the media know what it is like to watch video of these protests hoping that their loved one, risking their life for people’s First Amendment rights, isn’t shown getting shot dead? How can officers live in peace in their own home with their police car in their driveway wondering if someone is going to target them and subsequently their family? How would civilians react listening to people for countless hours screaming obscenities all while balancing a muted facial expression with a calm and professional demeanor? Biases may exist within the law enforcement profession, but that small percentage doesn’t represent the profession as a whole. Do people protest against doctors because one is involved in a malpractice suit? Of course not! The sweeping judgments are nauseating.

There should be a movement in regards to media coverage of situations such as these where stories should be factual and complete. I understand there is a job to be done, but at who’s expense? Would these innocent Dallas police officers be getting in their units right now to go home to their families had piecemeal stories not come out about occurrences that are still under investigation? Accountability is at an all-time low. My father, who is black, came from very little, who also happens to be the hardest working man I know, has a saying: “If you think the justice system is unfair, don’t put yourself in situations where your fate is in the hands of the system.”

Instead of showing cell phone videos capturing a small portion of an event, it would be wonderful for the media to paint the entire picture of these stories not just subjective information by people who may be trying to advance their own personal agendas and/or seek notoriety.

Adrienne Clark

family nurse practitioner

Baton Rouge