The recent coverage of Ebola shows us that we need to worry about a very dangerous disease.

We need to not focus on a victim lying to people that he was in contact with another Ebola victim. We need to worry about our CDC because of the many flaws committed during this epidemic.

The Dallas hospital has also made a lot of mistakes. Such as, the nurse who said on the “Today” show that there was trash left out in the halls for days. Also, if two people had been cured at Emory University in Atlanta, why did the CDC not send Duncan to Emory or Maryland where the two other victims were sent? Emory knows how to treat, properly sanitize and isolate the patient, unlike the Dallas hospital.

Above all else, one of the nurses who had Ebola called the CDC before getting on a flight to Cleveland, telling them she had a 99-degree fever, and they said that she could fly. Why are we so focused on Duncan lying about being in contact with a person who had Ebola, but not focused that our CDC and hospitals do not know how to treat, properly sanitize and isolate an Ebola patient? We need to be focused on our CDC, which has made a lot of serious mistakes. If Ebola becomes an epidemic, how can we trust the CDC to do their jobs correctly the second time?

Charlie Reisman