How many more shootings do we have to have before we admit to a serious problem with gun control in this country?

Please don’t respond by giving me that tired old “people kill, not guns” logic. We are allowing a minority of people, the National Rifle Association, to dictate to the majority on how to manage the selling of and access to guns.

We have difficulty funding education in our state but have no problem giving a tax holiday for buying guns.

It is time for the majority of citizens of this state, and country, to stand up and defend our right to be safe.

Everyone does not, and should not, have unlimited access to any and every type of gun designed for military use. Would the legislative bodies of this state and this country please grow a backbone and address this issue?

Lobbyists for the gun industry, please step forward and give us your worn-out message that controls so many of our elected officials.

For God’s sake, let us do something to help control the scourge that is taking so many innocent lives.

Richard Stagnoli

safety auditor