While I was disappointed to read that Louisiana’s House members are not all supporting the reauthorization on the Export-Import Bank in your July 8 edition, I’m grateful that Sen. Mary Landrieu has taken a strong stand to support the bank that supports my business and our employees here in Baton Rouge.

I am a co-owner of NEN Holdings LLC, a small, family-owned Louisiana business that directly benefits from the services the Export-Import Bank offers. Without Ex-Im providing insurance on our goods, we couldn’t sell them to world markets. Additionally, the Ex-Im Bank protects us by insuring our freight costs. Over 80 percent of our rubber product is used to manufacture goods in other countries that ultimately boosts Louisiana’s economy and our presence in foreign markets.

Ex-Im Bank has existed for 80 years, helping Louisiana small businesses like ours stay strong against foreign competition. During those 80 years, it has been reauthorized 16 times and supported by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ford, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush. Global competition grows every day, and our Louisiana House members must continue to support Louisiana’s businesses, employees and economy, and reauthorize Ex-Im Bank.

Again, I thank Landrieu for her support of the Ex-Im Bank and keeping our company competitive in an increasingly global market.

Elizabeth Nolan

co-owner of NEN Holdings LLC

Baton Rouge