Letters: South Carolina is victim of the votes _lowres

A statue in flood waters in the Ashborough subdivision near Summerville, S.C., Monday, Oct. 5, 2015. South Carolina is still struggling with flood waters due to a slow moving storm system. (AP Photo/Mic Smith) ORG XMIT: scms139

Strike one, delivered by climate change: A hurricane dumps unprecedented rainfall on South Carolina, drowning a few but ruining the businesses and dwellings of vast numbers.

Strike two, delivered by the insurance industry: Like the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy before them, these unfortunate folks will find that the insurance they and the taxpayers have so diligently paid for over the years fails them — and that insurance corporations are set up only to collect money, not disburse it. Over the next couple of years, the funds they are legally entitled to will be paid with bureaucratically glacial slowness, usually only partially and sometimes not at all.

Strike three, delivered by South Carolinians to themselves: In the next election, they will return to Congress, the same corporate errand boys who exempted the insurance corporations from anti-trust regulations under the bogus banner of “conservative” deregulation.

Ned Heller

retired teacher

New Orleans