“If you cut taxes, then jobs will be created” is a classic example of how a lie told often enough convinces some people that it is actually true. The Bush years proved that. So the Republicans refuse to raise taxes on the richest of the rich, the so-called “job creators.” “No new taxes; budget cuts only” they say.

OK, if it’s going to be cuts, what can we cut? Let’s see. Look! Over there! In the room there is an 800-pound gorilla, and the name on the cage says “Defense Department.” Republicans say, “Sorry, not happening. And the cage door stays open. He likes to roam around.”

But wait, ever since President Barack Obama took office, the Republicans have increasingly been changing their plumage from that of hawks to doves. Most of them now are against all wars, even the ones they started. OK, that’s good.

War is, after all, a bad and very expensive thing that in the end only succeeds in creating new wars. That is a positive step for the Republicans. Democrats learned that lesson from Vietnam, so maybe we are all now on the same positive road.

That being said, if most of us are now against war, then why can’t we close the door to the gorilla cage and put the creature on a diet? He, like most Americans, needs to be on a diet anyway. So the question begs to the Republican Party, isn’t it antithetical to refuse to make cuts to the engine of war and on the other hand to be against war?

Boy, old Ike Eisenhower warned us, and he was right. I like Ike.

Rob Carpenter


Baton Rouge