I wish to salute Tom Longmire for his insightful letter to the editor. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s concept of “inclusion” apparently is quite subjective. But I digress and wish to observe that events can remain alive in our memories seemingly forever. The mayor’s effort to tear down Confederate monuments will become such a memory.

When I was a child in the very early 1960s, my 100-year-old great-aunt told me about life in New Orleans during what is now known as Reconstruction. It’s a bland name for a terrible era. I learned about “Silver Spoon” Butler, and how life became so bad under carpetbaggers and their scallawag allies that some of my great-aunt’s male relatives fought a pitched battle on Canal Street. That was nearly 150 years ago, but these events are still freshly remembered.

The mayor’s left-wing, politically driven effort to remove the Confederate monuments will not be forgotten, either. I have absolutely no doubt that New Orleanians in the year 2150 will still remember his campaign to remove our monuments. He will have his place in history with Benjamin Butler.

Richard Martin


New Orleans