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People leave Christ the King Catholic Church on campus after a mass for Max Gruver, an LSU fraternity pledge who died in what is being investigated as a possible hazing incident.

Advocate Staff Photo by PATRICK DENNIS

I am writing regarding LSU President F. King Alexander's decision to ban Greek activities indefinitely. First, I want to say as a father who lost a son to a senseless drug overdose earlier this year, my heart goes out to Max Gruver and his family. We truly know the pain that they feel, and it is something no parent should have to endure.

I also agree that having a quiet period in remembrance of Gruver and taking time to reflect on the dangers associated with binge drinking and drugs is very appropriate. However banning all Greek activities including study groups and philanthropy for the dereliction of duties of one fraternity is wrong on many levels. Since when do we punish society or a group for the terrible actions of a few?

The Greek system's positive outcomes have always outweighed the negative and the largest alumni contributions to LSU come from those that were part of it. And if your intentions are to keep this type of tragedy from happening again, you will have a much better chance of bringing everyone together rather than taking actions to tear them apart. Remember, these young men and women are there to be educated. Let's use this tragedy as an opportunity to educate not separate.

Randy Gray

director of software operations