I read with amazement Friday that Tyrann Mathieu spoke to a high school team in Florida. The Jersey Shorification of America has now reached into the high school football ranks.

Who is the football coach who would want the “Honey Badger” anywhere near his team? Fame and notoriety nowadays trump substance and character.

The guy is one week removed from being arrested and three months removed from being kicked off a team and that’s who a coach chooses to bring in to inspire the team. He allegedly wanted to talk to some kids. Wrong. This was a PR stunt orchestrated by his handlers.

Mathieu’s message was to work hard and stay in school. This from a guy who just quit LSU to move to Florida. You have got to be kidding me. More notoriety for a guy who couldn’t handle the notoriety he had already earned. Shame on the adults.

Paul George

business owner