Isn’t it just like conservatives such as Michael Sellen to have such short memories. He laments that liberals and democrats are downplaying the Benghazi investigation. Maybe they are doing this because they remember a debacle just a few years ago that lost 1,000 times more Americans than were lost in Benghazi. Conservatives were in charge of this mess.

Not only were 4,000 of the bravest Americans lost; others lost arms and legs and had parts of their head blown off; 100,000 Iraqi men,women and children died.

To go on and on about Benghazi and forget about Iraq is a little bit hypocritical. When I say forget about Iraq, I do not mean all the good people who died; I’m talking about how conservatives so easily accepted all the lame excuses as to why we were there.

Remember weapons of mass destruction? No traces were found. Al Qaeda? No evidence of them there until we disarmed the Iraqi army, and they came in and had an army to work with. Nice decision. The stupidity of this is they came from Afghanistan, where we were at war already for a good reason.

I understand that being a conservative you have to accept any excuse for a war is OKy as long as it comes from the right party, otherwise you might have to ponder the fact that many great lives were lost in vain and this might make you feel a little guilt, but I doubt it.

We are going on nine Congressional hearings on Benghazi. Does this mean we should have had 9,000 on Iraq? The answer Sellen would give is ‘no,’ because his party was in charge of that debacle. I have one last question for conservatives and Christians. Which failure would our Founding Fathers consider worse,the Iraq war or the Affordable Care Act?

I’m sure conservatives will tell you it’s not as simple as people living and people dying, and their answer will be long and make me a little dizzy.

Cliff Johnson

retired boilermaker

St. Amant