The letter by Katy D. Chenevert was just more outdated talking points. The Southern leg of the Keystone Pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas has been completed and in partial operation since January 2014.

The oil is shipped to the Marathon refinery in Garyville by both rail car and upgraded existing interstate pipelines passing through the Baton Rouge area. More good news is that Marathon is contracted to process only 38,000 barrels of oil per month.

Pipeline corporation Enbridge has completed upgrading its much larger pipeline system and is bringing Canadian oil into the U.S. market.

As I was writing this, the Nebraska Supreme Court approved the route via eminent domain which is in the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and will allow Trans Canada, a foreign company, to export 60 percent of the oil for profit.

Will the Keystone Pipeline be profitable because of all the cost overruns remain to be seen?

John Monte

customer service representative