I read with interest Michael Polito’s letter on Sept. 12. Mr. Polito believes all those who are in a union want to be in a union.

My dad was a NOPSI bus driver in New Orleans and did not want to be in a union but was forced to be in it. True, unions enticed government to create child labor laws, OSHA, EPA, DOT, various labor laws etc. Today we have whistleblower laws, OSHA, EPA etc. to protect us, not unions.

But today, unions only think of unions and not the people they hurt when they whine and cry for not getting their way and going on strike until they get their way.

Did the police union in New Orleans really care about the safety of the citizens and visitors in New Orleans when it went on strike for Mardi Gras, after the judge gave the union a court order not to strike?

Did the NOPSI bus drivers care how students and workers got to work or school when they struck? No, they cared only about themselves.

How about when truck drivers, sanitation employees or teachers go on on strike? I guess we need more friends like them.

It seems like Polito believes unions must give perks because union members think they are entitled to them, not that they earned them. Also, Polito must not have a 401K plan, for the goal of a company is to maximize profits to reward investors/stockholders for trusting them with their money.

Most companies want to get bigger and hire people so they can make more money — it is an ego thing.

I would love for Polito to start a company and let his employees tell him what they are going to be paid regardless of performance and what benefits he is going to give them, and if not, they go on strike.

Ken Clemons

loss prevention representative