The chances are good that if you believed in the threat of weapons of mass destruction, you also believed in the “birthers.”

Also, if you believed in the dreaded “death panels,” you probably believe in the “job creators.”

According to Forbes, “job creators” Charles and David Koch were worth $34 billion in 2007, and four years later, they’re personally worth $50 billion. However, these “job creators” and tea party funders employed 80,000 people in 2007, but only 67,000 people four years later.

They put 13,000 people out of jobs and cleared an extra $16 billion in the past four years.

What is puzzling is that while they are killing jobs and families, they also are able to get the unemployed, poor and middle class to fight for their right not to pay their fair share of taxes.

Convincing people of lies that are obvious is getting much easier in America, and it’s all because of our educational system.

Our science and history classes are changed to agree with whatever the “religious right” feels is appropriate at that moment. We require teachers to teach that evolution is but a theory, and that the biblical talking snake must be given equal time and importance in the classroom.

If a nation can have its attention diverted so easily, it’s no wonder that this same nation would scream, “Let him die,” in answer to a hypothetical question about a sick man with no insurance.

Those same words were yelled at the man they claim to worship and serve as he hung on a cross.

I never thought we’d believe in the WMDs, the death panels or the birthers. Now however, after seeing America swallow the lie of the “job creators” as if it’s something real, I have lost all hope for our educational system.

How can it ever catch up to the tea party-religious right propaganda?

Joseph Piper

retired communications worker

Baton Rouge