A contributor to your Jan. 2 letters column stated that he couldn’t understand the reluctance of our senators to voting to prohibit those on the no-fly list from owning firearms. He stated that as Desi Arnez said to Lucy “you got some splain’in to do.” I can’t speak for the senators, but I will “splain” to him why I think they were correct. The no-fly list is a construct of faceless bureaucrats. There have been many people put on the list for no discernable reason and without probable cause. Politicians, journalists, and other people with no record of violence or anti-government activity have been placed on the list without any charges being leveled against them.

Once on the list it is almost impossible to have your name removed. This is still America.

We do not take away the constitutional rights of our citizens because of the whim of unaccountable bureaucrats, at least not yet. I hope that is explanation enough.

Rick Ellis

retired military officer

New Orleans