The election of Barack Obama reminds me of a movie I saw in the ’70s called “Putney Swope.” Putney was a janitor at a large corporation. The CEO of that corporation was white, and he died. The board had to vote for a new CEO, but they could not vote for themselves. Putney, who was black, walked in the room during the voting, and each member had the same idea. They all, without knowing it, voted unanimously for Putney. I am comparing this to our current president.

Obama was the Democratic nominee running against John McCain, a Republican. Wall Street was crashing, unemployment was high, many homes where in foreclosure, banks were filing for bankruptcy, the automobile industry was failing and people were losing their 401(k) and retirement savings, not to mention the unnecessary war that was responsible for thousands dying. George W. Bush and the Republicans were to blame, so the choice was the Republican or the Democratic nominee. Obama, the black man, won because it was not believed he could fix any of the problems.

He did so with very little, if any, help from the Republicans. If our president were a white man, like FDR, a third term would not be out of the question, especially after the death of Osama bin Laden.

The majority of the white people in the South voted against white Democrats because they are tired of seeing a black family in the White House. After what the Republicans said to get elected, no one should be naïve and believe any black person is represented by these officials in the Deep South.

Russell Stokes Jr.

produce clerk

Baton Rouge