As a trial lawyer, and as a person offended by insurance lobby propaganda masquerading as facts, I felt obliged to respond to Dan Fagan's absurd "Trial Lawyers Laughing On Way To Bank" opinion piece in the Sept. 20, 2017, edition of the Advocate. Neither the state of Louisiana, its governor, its courts, or its members of the trial or defense bars are corrupt. Fagan links all trial lawyers to the Democratic Party, "Big Labor" and "Big Environment."

Let me educate him. Yes, many trial lawyers are Democrats, but so are lots of other folks. Are those folks corrupt, too? Louisiana is a right-to-work state, so exactly what impact does he believe "Big Labor" has? As for the so-called "Big Environment" folks, what about the multitude of grass-roots groups like Ducks Unlimited or any number of other wonderful conservation groups? Are they corrupt, too? Many trial lawyers are Republicans and Libertarians, decorated military veterans, pro-life advocates, Second Amendment advocates, churchgoers, NRA members, hunters, fisherman, conservationists, civic leaders, leading donors to education and other charities, and responsible parents. All are protectors of our God-given constitutional rights. I am proud to be a trial lawyer, and when I get a Christmas card from a former client or a picture of a child's graduation, I thank God I had the privilege of representing that person and making sure his or her access to justice was not denied.

Richard Martin


New Orleans