After viewing so many anti-Gov. Jindal letters and articles in The Advocate, I simply can no longer put off writing a response of my own. Gov. Bobby Jindal is doing the very best he can with what he has. He has an obligation to balance a very difficult budget. No matter what cuts he makes, he will upset someone who is not getting what they think they should.

The legislators we have know that a balanced budget is important; however, none seem interested in assisting to balance the budget or even try working with him for a change instead of fighting with him.

This governor is honest. He is very professional, intelligent and a genuinely good person. How can the people of this state not realize this? To have a statement in a recent letter to the editor that he is cold, calculating and will step on anyone to get where he wants to go is ridiculous.

He is definitely sending a positive message to the rest of the country that Louisiana is trying hard to be a good citizen. Let’s try to help him, not constantly criticize every little thing he does.

Beverly Laudermill

retired from chemical company

Baton Rouge