I must conclude that after a week of mostly terrible news, the editors of The Advocate tried to provide some comic relief to its readers when it printed John E. Donovan’s letter asking to ban any letters from Michael D. Day.

Knowing that freedom of speech is of great interest to all newspaper readers, the editors probably hoped to generate a rip-roaring, old-fashioned duel of ideas here in the letters to the editor section. What fun!

Donovan concludes his letter by saying he is a great believer in free speech. Uh, no, he is definitely not, or he wouldn’t be asking for the banning of a point of view that is obviously different from his own.

Did it occur to Donovan that he is not forced to read Day’s letters? When he sees Day’s name, just skip the letter. See? His problem is solved.

Since the problem is so easily solved, I must conclude that what he really wants is for no one else to read Day’s letters, which I always enjoy and find totally in the “mainstream.”

Donovan certainly doesn’t speak for me! If Day’s letters were banned, I and many others would write similar letters to the editor, expressing the same mainstream, liberal, pro-union ideas. Will you ban all of us? If we continue to express our ideas on radio shows, on street corners, in rallies, will you then have us locked away somewhere?

Here’s a surprise for Donovan: There are many people in Louisiana and in the nation who think liberalism is mainstream and are pro-union. Day often and ably speaks for all of us.

Donovan needs to put down the remote control and slowly back away from Fox News, or at least get out more.

Jo Ann Knowles

retired teacher