This letter is being written in response to Daniel P. Poulin, a real estate executive in Metairie. He asks that The Advocate stop printing “tripe” consisting of inaccurate, badly informed and downright fraudulent letters about climate change.

I agree. I think you should also not print letters or articles that explain the ugly “physics” of plane and automobile crashes either (no Newton for us), or the negative effects of fired bullets, or the harsh economic effects of trickle-up and monopolistic economics and regressive taxation. Why, these unpleasantries upset our collective stomach and psyche, as we try to go about our daily rituals of crass consumerism, celebrity worship, unfair competition and ecological myopia.

Do you think we want to hear about the latest oil train derailment and accompanying explosion, or major pipeline leak? No. We want the news to reflect our views (and dreams), informed as they should be by paid think tanks and pseudo-scientists in the employ of our favorite corporate overlords. Please do spare us from the depressing worship of climate change, and all that other “unproven” scientific drivel. We want to be able to fly and see unicorns!

As for the writer whom he so accurately and politely criticizes, using excellent unsupported and personal opinion, as well as a nearly perfect recitation of safe and culturally benign talking points, she (Marilyn MacNguyen) should have to submit — and you should print or provide a link to — a curriculum vitae and a list of her professors, so that we can check to see if there is any bias in her facts, as he did.

He wisely closes out his request with vague references to costs and refunds and free hog washes, and saving money is something we capitalists can all get behind. Every other issue, like facts, pales in comparison. Please leave us in the dark, like Poulin.

Stephen Poss

educator and attorney

Baton Rouge