As an event/meeting planner who works with incoming professionals attending meetings from outside of the city and a resident and business owner downtown, I am appalled at the state of the New Orleans Central Business District and French Quarter. Primarily, Canal Street and Bourbon Street: missing cross walk signs, missing street signs, missing chunks of sidewalks and curbs. Broken and missing slate and bricks on sidewalks and the neutral ground on Canal are not only unsightly but dangerous. In the Quarter, there are missing one-way signs; there are broken lamp posts and holes all over Bourbon Street. There are no signs of police at night when Bourbon gets crowded, and in the morning you have to step over either drunk or homeless people sleeping on sidewalks and in doorways. Letters and photos to city hall have not been addressed. This part of the city is our bread and butter and should not be neglected and allowed to deteriorate in this manner.

Shelley Pigeon

event planner

New Orleans