I have followed the letters and columnist opinions both pro and con concerning the Lee Circle monument.

I am deeply in love with New Orleans and have been for over 60 years. Lately, all of the new, vibrant young people who have chosen to make New Orleans their home have really warmed my heart.

I have worked with men from all over the world in my time in Africa. When asked about New Orleans, I have described it as definitely not a “Southern” city but as a city saturated with a culture that embraces its global citizens.

Which brings me to the point of this letter: Although I do not have any pronounced feelings for General Lee, Allen Toussaint or any others mentioned as alternatives, I firmly believe New Orleans should replace the statue of General Lee with the gilded statue of Joan of Arc presented to the city by the people of France. This golden statue prominently displayed in the brilliant sunshine would loudly proclaim the city’s heritage and its status as a world-class city. And like the other famous lady from France, it will surely be more welcoming than any other American idol.

Hubert Smith

mechanical engineer