Regarding the Advocate’s article on Common Core, I believe that fighting over the name “Common Core” does nothing as long as the test still remains the same. The name “Common Core” within Louisiana is such a “poisonous term,” not because the name itself offends people, but because what that name represents offends people. Thus, it is such a waste of time for the state government to be arguing over a petty name when it has “bigger fish to fry.”

What the state government should be focusing on is the bigger problem of what Common Core represents. Being a set standard of what each student within public schools should and must be achieving, Common Core puts an unnecessary burden upon not only schools, but children as well.

A child in second grade at a public school should not have to worry about whether they are up to par with the nation’s educational standards. If that child does not end up meeting those standards, all Common Core is doing is making that child think more poorly of himself compared to other children.

Consequently, even though Common Core does provide public schools with a motivation to do better and be better, it also diminishes countless children’s self esteem, leaving a detrimental effect on American youth.

Alexa Zaheri


New Orleans