I’m sure I was not the only one to notice a disturbing pattern in LSU’s search to replace departing defensive coordinator John Chavis. The now familiar process went like this.

A highly credentialed candidate is identified; an announcement of intense interest by the candidate follows; an interview, or some sort of less official contact with Les Miles is arranged, after which the candidate loses interest and fades from consideration.

I’m also sure I was not the only fan who would have liked to see an explanation for this sequence of events, even if it amounted to informed speculation from our local sportswriters. Instead, Ross Dellenger, who apparently was assigned the story, continued to repeat himself ad nauseam with bland reportage and the following incredibly naive statement, repeated verbatim now at least three times: “Miles, an offensive-minded coach who rarely dabbles in the defense, is ‘taking time’ with the search and knows ‘the importance’ of the hire, sources said.”

Whoever these sources are, they must not have attended any of LSU’s games in 2014. My advice to Ross is to get some fresh sources, or better yet, expend a little effort to get at the real story.

Robert Hebert

LSU fan

Baton Rouge