The growing influence of special interests is imperiling our democracy. A healthy democratic government consists of an informed electorate capable of influencing and shaping policies that benefit the whole of society.

A well-informed citizenry is aware that the social and economic fabric of this nation is much more resilient when there is maximum happiness that is shared among the maximum number of people. The very well-branded and popular perpetrated myth that government is not the solution but the problem is simply not true.

With the recent ruling of Citizens United and the infusion of millions and millions of dollars into the political world, our government is becoming less and less accountable to the people and more accountable to corporate interests. Special interest groups and wealthy individuals are virtually spending millions of dollars brainwashing our electorate and hijacking our democracy, allowing the cycle of inequality and hatred toward government to continue.

The government is the institution that provides education, provides us with roads, highways, bridges and communication and transportation networks. The Food and Drug Administration ensures that the food we eat is safe. The government is the entity that provides health care to the poor, food stamps to the needy and unemployment checks to the unemployed.

Serving as an important moral instrument, the government works best to pool our resources, in order to collectively provide for the common good in areas that the market place is inefficient.

Scott Ploof


New Orleans