Regarding “Local officials object to DEQ permit for north BR landfill,” I’m very glad Trae Welch is considering legal action on this permit and hope a lawsuit is filed and is successful!

The Department of Environmental Quality is supposed to speak for the people, and protect them and the environment of our state. When “every single elected body went on record saying they did not want it” and DEQ approves it anyway, it has clearly become an arrogant, corrupt rogue agency that has been taken over by the greedy corporations whom DEQ is supposed to be protecting us from.

Of course, it is yet another pit of poison to be located in north Baton Rouge that will join the other pits of poison, such as the Excide facility, in that same already overburdened location of the city. The landfill is a mile from the nearest residence.

There is no way this permit would have gone through had it been located 1 mile from Bocage. The wealthy can protest and be heard, but the working class in north Baton Rouge are once again being steamrollered so some corporation can profit.

Jeff Cobb

Green Army volunteer

Baton Rouge