With the state’s current budget woes and talk of potential cuts to higher education, I have some budget cuts the Legislature should consider, if possible. Cut the salaries of anyone in the LSU administration or Faculty Senate that had anything to do with the new plus-minus grading scale by 100 percent. It is clear to me that the administration and Faculty Senate do not care about the students at all. They have lost sight of the simple fact that the students are the most important thing at LSU and that is why they have jobs at LSU. Their job is to ensure the students have an environment in which they can succeed.

The implementation of this policy does not allow existing students to opt out of the new grading scheme and continue with the grading policy they started with at the university. Imagine you are a junior or senior and make straight As. None of those easy freshman- and sophomore-level classes you had nearly a 100 percent average in will be reflected on your transcript, and now you are in harder, upper-level classes with increased competition, possibly from graduate students, and that A you think you are going to make suddenly turns to an A-, and you no longer have a 4.0, or even if you do make an A, it is not an A+ and no longer the best possible grade.

Additionally, the new system could demotivate students. Say you messed up on your first exam. It was possible to knuckle down, study hard and ace the rest of the semester and end up with the best grade of an A. But that may not be possible now because the new system leaves little room for error. I mean why should I go to class now when I am mathematically eliminated from getting that B-?

Clay Doremus

LSU student

Baton Rouge