When I was in school some four decades ago, I was taught that our American system of government was unique and exceptional in that it separated power among three distinct branches: one representing the interests of the states and the people and made laws (legislative); one to execute the laws passed by the legislative branch (executive); and one as an independent court (judicial) to check any unconstitutional overreach the other two branches may try.

I was also taught that our Constitution was the supreme law of the land and within that Constitution were specific enumerated powers to which the federal government had authority to act and that all government officials swore an oath to protect and defend it. Again, I was taught that the flag itself represented this American system. Every morning, I and my classmates pledged allegiance to that flag and what it represented.

Was it all a BIG LIE? What does our flag really stand for today? I know what I was taught and believed it stood for, but as I witness the actions of this “federal system” and have to live with the results of its actions, it is obvious that the difference between what I was taught and reality is like night and day.

Today the “separation of powers” is nothing more than hollow words. Our legislative branch makes no laws; it only expands the administrative state by creating departments and agencies that then write rules and regulations without the consent of the people. These rules carry with them the power and penalty of law. These actions only transfer to the executive more and more authority, authority they do not have, over our daily lives.

The executive (president) today apparently can do what he wants. He can ignore laws at will and make law by decree and is never held to account and in most cases praised by the left.

Our last check on tyranny, our courts, have become the tyrants. They no longer check the abuse of power or interpret the constitutionality of a law but write law from on high. Law has gone far beyond its purpose and the Supremes have sanctioned its perversion.

Our Constitution is largely without meaning today and the law apparently means whatever government say it is. The American system I was once taught is broke and corrupt and I for one have lost faith in it.

We have fallen far. Will we have to lose it all to realize what we had?

God help us, for we know not what we do.

Stephen Cambre

field manager