I had a disheartening experience when traveling from my residence in the Tahoe Basin (Jacks Valley) in Nevada, to my hometown and residence in Baton Rouge to vote.

While in the Phoenix airport, I heard an elderly couple speaking about Baton Rouge and why they wished their kids did not live here. They made valid points on the high crime rates, drug-infested, low-income housing and terrible roads and traffic.

I did not vote for Kip Holden because of some of the aforementioned subjects. I hope our great city and its leaders get in our mayor’s back pocket and stay there to help him along in cleaning up our city and our image.

Growing up on Hoo Shoo Too Road, I remember a cleaner, slower-paced Baton Rouge that people wanted to move to and raise their families, I want that Baton Rouge back.

Richard Beemer

North American major account manager

Baton Rouge