I was shocked at the inappropriateness of the cartoon by Jeff Stahler on the suicide of Robin Williams. A couple is walking by a newsstand with the headline of a newspaper showing. It announces Williams’ death. The man says to the woman, “Maybe laughter’s not the best medicine.”

Few things are black and white, lives are complicated, but those familiar with depression know that laughter is healing.

The great PBS special by Ken Burns on Mark Twain, i.e. Samuel Clemens, presented the tragedies in Twain’s life and how he combated these with his on-stage humor. Books have been written about the benefits of laughter. For example, Reynolds Price wrote a best-seller describing his serious cancer, “A Whole New Life,” with laughter playing a huge role in his recovery. Upon his death, he was remembered for his love and laughter.

Laughter is Robin Williams’ legacy, and always will be.

Annabelle Armstrong

freelance journalist

Baton Rouge