In a recent staff report, Shaquille O’Neal, a Louisiana native and ardent LSU football fan, expressed his desire to have Alabama coach Nick Saban back in Baton Rouge. Although an open declaration of admiration for the man who is the very antipathy of Tiger fans across the state may seem borderline blasphemous, I admit that I stand in agreement with O’Neal.

The recent rumors of Les Miles’ expedited departure from his coaching position instigated a storm of responses more protective and loyal than LSU’s defensive line.

As LSU fans, we take intense pride in coach Miles. Much of that devotion stems from the fact that Miles is Saban’s foil. And why do we have an ingrained hatred for Saban? Because he’s good at his job, and we know it. I hate him for leaving, but I’d jump at the first chance to have him back.

I respect O’Neal’s opinion. While possibly shocking to many in Louisiana, it was a refreshing reminder that one can indeed be an LSU fan without swearing their eternal hatred for Nick Saban.

Ashley Roy

St. Joseph’s Academy student

Baton Rouge