Regarding “Frontline: Separate and Unequal”: I saw the recent Frontline coverage on the move by some St. George citizens to incorporate. I felt empathy for both sides: St. George and Baton Rouge. But then one statement in the segment hit me like a stinging slap in the face, and, in one instant, it completely determined my viewpoint.

The statement proclaimed, in a church sanctuary no less, by the Rev. CL Bryant, a reverend no less, that “You must do what is right for your pocketbook.”

You must do what is right for your pocketbook?

That instantly begged the question, “What would Jesus do?”

I had an image in my head of Jesus in his white robes, holding a large lady’s purse tightly to his chest, turning his body away from a gathering of poor people as he prepared to walk away. That image is not what Jesus taught. Who is this Rev. CL Bryant, this pretender who claims to speak the Gospel of Jesus? Doing what is right for your pocketbook, at the expense of those less fortunate, is the opposite of what Jesus stood for, what Jesus taught.

Perhaps the people of St. George can use the blessings of their energy, intelligence and resources as an opportunity to make a difference in solving the educational challenges of not only their own children but the less-fortunate children that are part of their Baton Rouge community. Perhaps they can use this enormous challenge as an opportunity to do good works for their fellow man.

Ginger Vobejda


Marietta, Georgia