Responding to the momentous Supreme Court opinion of Friday, June 26, in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell issued a statement that he “has found nothing in today’s decision that makes the Court’s order effective immediately.” Even ignoring the unambiguous “It is so ordered,” which caps the majority opinion, Caldwell should know, as the state’s top attorney, that Supreme Court decisions are final and binding on all lower courts.

The Rules of Professional Conduct, which govern all attorneys, require a basic duty of competence on the part of a lawyer on behalf of his client, including knowledge of the law. Buddy Caldwell’s client is the state of Louisiana, and he is clearly not competent to execute his duties, demonstrating an inability to comprehend clear legal text and displaying a lack of understanding of the judiciary system that would make the average high school civics student seem a constitutional scholar.

Buddy Caldwell has failed in his duty of competence to his clients, and he should be sanctioned by the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board.

Jesse George


New Orleans